Six Tips To Finding Your Personal Style

What is Style?

As the saying goes, ‘fashions fade, but style is eternal’. Style is timeless, and unique to everyone, and remains true to one’s aesthetics. 

Why Should I Find Out About My Style? 

Style refers to a person’s way of expressing themselves - through their outfits, accessories, hairstyle and body language. Style is about discovering and developing your sense of self. 

Six Tips To Finding and Developing Your Style 

For those who are still discovering your personal style, we have a few simple tips to help you get there. 

  1. Look at your current closet. It’s important to know what kind of clothes you gravitate to. Categorize your clothes according to your favorite items and what you wear most often. As you begin to categorize them, you’ll realize there are similar items (the 10 white shirts in slightly different designs) that are probably your ‘signature pieces’. If you find anything you’ve not worn for more than 3 years, chances are that you won’t wear them in the future as well. So save your closet space, and get rid of them so you’ll only have pieces you truly love.


  1. Look for your style inspiration. Try searching for fashion inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest or even people around you. If there is a celebrity style that you love, hunt down their outfits, and observe the common traits e.g. color palettes, vibes, etc.





  1. Create a visual mood board. A mood board allows you to gather and capture a visual representation of all the different images that you like. Don’t be too generous and add ALL the looks you like. It’s important to differentiate what you like, and how you want to dress every day (you might love glamourous Oscar-worthy dresses, but that would be hard to pull off for an everyday look). Here, you’ll discover the thread of commonality, and start to have some clarity around your style. A mood board also helps you to re-create similar outfits when shopping or when you run out of ideas to style your clothes.


  1. Think about words to describe your style. Pick words to describe the vibe of the looks. Modern, chic, classic, retro, ladylike, bohemian, etc. Look back at the items in your wardrobe, and the color palette of your mood board will also provide some hints. Are there more whites, blacks, neutrals, bright colors? Do you like


  1. Create your own ‘signature wardrobe’. Create a capsule wardrobe of 12 basic pieces as the foundation of your signature wardrobe (These would change for different seasons). Think classic pieces in neutral colors which you can mix and match to create effortless looks – a white button down, simple t-shirt, a black dress, classic jeans, a denim/leather jacket, a formal blazer, simple sneakers, black strappy sandals, neutral flats/loafers. Once you have curated the foundation, you can add other pieces based on the mood board – these could be trendy items or pieces you love - colorful printed sundress, floral top, silky jumpsuit, leather pants. Remember to add your ‘signature’ pieces as well. It doesn’t have to be trendy or bold, just something that defines you.



  1. Experiment with other styles. Your personal style can evolve and adapt over time with age, change of lifestyle, and change in disposable income (more money to spend!). Be experimental with trying out items you steer away from previously. You never know if you’ll like something until you try it. 


"Truly, finding your style is a lifelong journey of being confident, and discovering and showing to the world who you are."